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This Is The Healthiest Ingredient In The World: Here Are The Thing It Cures

Written By Admin on Sunday, May 29, 2016 | 2:06:00 AM

Dates have wide range of health and nutritional values because many say that it is the healthiest fruit on the planet. Actually there is not disease in which date cannot help.Regulates body weight – Due to its high level on nutrients, dates causes feeling of fullness and helps in the process of losing weight. If you eat on empty stomach dates it will regulate the work of intestines and the body will provide its necessary sugar.Dates have no cholesterol but contain large amount of sugar, do not overeat them because you can increase your pounds. One kilogram of dates contains approximately 3,000 calories which is minimum of the daily needs if you are being active.

Excellent source of iron – Dates are excellent source of iron so, anemic patients should eat more of them. Around 100 gr of dates contain approximately 0, 90 mg of iron which is 11% of the recommended daily dose. Iron is part of hemoglobin in red blood cells and it determinates the distribution of oxygen inside the blood. Children in puberty and pregnant women have the biggest need for iron.
Cure for constipation – Dates can help food to be digested faster and easier. Place few dates soaked into glass of water for overnight. During the night they will release their juice which is an excellent laxative and can stimulate the lazy intestines. In the USA dates are packed in small bottles and are recommended as cure for constipation.
Stops diarrhea – Dates contain potassium which is useful for stopping diarrhea. Besides, dates can quickly restore intestinal flora. By regular consumption dates will help the intestines to quickly create good bacteria.
Strengthen the heart – People with weak hearts can use the dates on the following way: Put a few dates with seeds soaked into water and leave them overnight. In the morning remove the seeds from dates, grind them in blender with the water. This natural drink should be taken few times daily and can help in strengthening the heart muscle.Lower cholesterol – Dates have ability to reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Due to it they are excellent food for people who have high cholesterol which causes fatty deposits in the arteries and causes creation of blood clots and other heart diseases.
Protects against stroke – One of the key advantages of dates is their ability to regulate the operation of the nervous system due to their high percentage of potassium. Researches showed that larger intake of potassium (for about 400mg) may reduce the risk of stroke by 40%.
Lower blood pressure – Dates are an excellent food for people who are suffering from high blood pressure. They are low in sodium and rich in potassium. Dish of 5-6 dates provides about 80 milligrams of magnesium, an essential mineral which helps in widening the blood vessels.
They can increase the sexual endurance – Soak one hand of dates in milk from goat and let it overnight. In the morning mix the dates with the milk, add little amount of honey and cardamom spice. This drink can be consumed by both sexes because it strengthens the body and increases energy.