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Tea Which Cures Cancer! What Are The Pharmacists Hiding?

Written By Admin on Saturday, May 14, 2016 | 5:39:00 AM

It is possible that on this earth exists a tea who is cheap and that cures cancer and possibly even AIDS?
The Canadian nurse Rene Caisse, used Essiac tea more than 50 years as treatment for patients who suffered from cancer. At the start for her services she didn’t charge lots of money, actually people paid to her as much as they had, after 1937 she ended charging her services. But after all that all she received was criticism from the Canadian Ministry of Health and the private corporations refused to accept this tea as cure for cancer.

She worked as nurse in one hospital in Canada, 1922 when she run at one old patient of hers who 30 years ago survived breast cancer. The woman lived in the Canadian mining camp with her husband. 30 years ago she had been told that she has breast cancer and they must perform surgery on her, she had not accepted the surgery and returned to the camp. There she met a native tribe who gave her a recipe for curing cancer and showed her the herb, where to pick and how to prepare. She followed the instructions and in a few months she was completely cured and she was living healthy for 30 years.
In that time she had an aunt and a stepfather who suffered from cancer so she became interested in the tea and the old woman gave the recipe to her. Rene also succeed to cure her family members.

After that she began to apply the recipe on patients in the clinic where she worked from 1934 to 1942. She cured over 100 cancer patients. She also alone has grown and prepared the tea. Of course she quickly become target of the Canadian authorities but she wasn’t arrested because she had support from one powerful city man and several prestigious doctors and numerous healed patients.
In addition of the great support she received, the authorities allowed her to cure cancer subjects under 3 conditions:
  1. She could treat only patients who are terminally ill
  2. One doctor should assistance her
  3. She should not receive money for her performance
She agreed to these conditions and continued to heal the sick patients. Despite the successful treatment and the testimonies that patients revealed the public did not knew about the Essiac tea for a long time. She managed to inform the public about her tea in 1977 a year before her death. She made a deal with one company to legalize the tea but the company was in cooperation with the Canadian authorities so they suppressed the drug and its formulation.
Fortunately Dr. Gary heard about the Essiac tea and began to inquire about its benefits. He found another person from Detroit who was cured with this tea although she was diagnosed with incurable form of uterus cancer. After he went to one close friend to Rene and she confirmed the authenticity of its beneficial properties. Dr. Gary gained himself with a lot of information for Rene and wrote a book which was called “Calling of an Angel”. He had to publish this controversial book by himself because no publisher wanted to risk a lawsuit. Also he published a book about AIDS in which he declared that this disease is created for depopulation of the population. He was in great trouble for publishing the truth about the Essiac tea and he received even death threats. The book is very difficult for finding today. Around 1990 in an interview he declared that 5 patients were healed from AIDS by just receiving the tea 3 times daily. He treated cancer patients and one child who suffered from terminal leukemia. The child was cured successfully but died from heart attack caused by the chemotherapy he was treated before.  He soon found out about Dr. Brusch that cured many cancer patients with this tea, he had a clinic in Boston and Rene was working with them from 1959 to 1962. He had to remain in silence because he could end up in prison. He also discovered that the tea was examined in 4 laboratories and that they all proved the same, the tea does cures the cancer.
Here is the recipe for Essiac tea:
  • 6.5 cup chopped roots of burdock (Actium)
  • 500g of tree sorrel (Rumex acetosella) powder
  • 125g slippery oak bark (Ulmus rubra) powder
  • 28g root of Turkish rababara (theum palmatum) powder
From all this ingredients you can get around 7.5 liters of tea. The ingredients should be thoroughly mixes before placing the water. The mixture should be stored in a glass jar in a dark place and taken 30 grams of the mixture of 900 grams of water. Left the tea to boil uncovered 10-20 minutes and cover it with a lid and leave it overnight. Once the mixture is opened it must be stored in the refrigerator after. The dose depends of the stage of disease. In order to strengthen the immune system you should receive 56 grams per day. The dose may be up to three times and applied three times a day depending of the severity of the disease. It also can be heated. Cancer and AIDS patients also must consume organic diet without meat and bring more vitamin D and C.