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Place An Onion On Your Neck And You Will Solve The Most Common Diseases Of Our Time

Written By Admin on Thursday, May 5, 2016 | 8:21:00 AM

For centuries, there have been a lot of speculations about the medical properties of onions besides its common spice properties. Recently, a Russian doctor named Dr. Igor Kniazkina from St. Petersburg, devised a way you can use onions to treat complications of the thyroid gland. His method involved a massage procedure that proved effective in the treatment of the thyroid gland.

This is how to use onions for thyroid gland treatment and it should be done at night before you go to bed.

  • Take an onion bulb and cut it in to two halves.

  • Take the two halves and use them to massage your neck around the thyroid gland in circular motions.

  • Make sure you go to bed without washing your neck.

The onion juice will take effect overnight. By repeating this procedure from time to time you will be able to maximise your thyroid gland functionality.

Dr Olag Torsunov advises on incorporation of singing in the treatment of the gland. You can also sing to help push your thyroid gland to full functionality whenever you feel that it has reduced in performance.

Dr Olag claims that the functionality of the whole endocrine system is always affected by human emotions, love in particular. Furthermore, when you don’t let out your negative emotions and sad feelings, they always accumulate in the thyroid gland. This leads to a lot of stress on the gland, thereby affecting its performance. To prevent this, you can always sing to ease stress from the thyroid glands.