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Natural Rose Leaves Beverages For Your Health

Written By Admin on Saturday, May 7, 2016 | 12:18:00 AM

Rose is called the queen of flowers. The beauty of the rose was admired since ancient times by the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, until today. But besides beauty, rose beauty has many medicinal properties.

It is very resistant, manages in each region and is very healing. It contains vitamins A, C, B3, E and F. Roses leaves are very rich in essential
The smell of rose improves mood, and the elements contained in the leaves strengthen the heart and nerves.
Tea made of roses purifies the blood and has a calming effect. Rose helps in the treatment of sore throat, rheumatism, jaundice, liver cleansing, dizziness, headache, restores intestinal flora after antibiotic therapy. It helps in reducing menstrual problems, especially in heavy monthly bleeding. Besides in a form of tea, roses are good in the form of syrup made of its petals.
It begins to bloom in late May and the seeds ripen in August.
After harvesting and cleaning of insects, the flower petals are dried in a warm, dry and dark place. Drying lasts up to a week, but in order to preserve the freshness, quality and aroma, they should be kept in closed glass jar in a dry and dark place.
This kind of tea is not recommended for pregnant women without previous consultation with the doctor, and those who have problems with kidney stones and gall bladder. Those who are too sensitive should be cautious in order to avoid unwanted consequences in the form of wheezing, belching, nausea. If something similar happens, you should immediately stop consuming the tea.
Essential rose oil is quite present in cosmetic products and perfumes.
It is extremely good fir face and body care, particularly for sensitive and dry skin, but it is also good for preventing skin aging. This oil is quite expensive and valuable and therefore it is called Queen of essential oils. Production is laborious, quite hard and a huge amount of flower-petals is needed (around 3000 kg) for producing just one liter of oil. But on the other hand due to the high concentration a small amount is sufficient in aromatherapy and in the manufacture of perfumes. Rose oil is a good antidepressant and aphrodisiac.
Rose water is obtained by steam distillation of rose and it is extremely effective against acne on the face. It possesses calming and antiseptic properties. Rose bath helps with problems with rheumatism.
Aromatic beverages
1. Rose petals syrup
-- Two handfuls of rose leaves
-- 1/2 liters of water
Pour half liter of boiling water over the rose petals and let the mixture stand still for 24 hours. After that you need to strain the mixture and boil the resulting liquid with 250 grams of sugar. Before the end of the method of preparation you need to add juice of one lemon and leave to boil for another five minutes. This syrup positively influences pain in the airways. You need to drink two to four tablespoons of this remedy on a daily basis.
2. Rose petals tea
-- 2 tablespoons of dried and crushed rose petals
-- 3 dl of water
Pour 3 dl of boiling water over the rose petals and let the mixture stand still from 5 to 10 minutes in covered container. Strain the mixture afterwards and, if you want to, you can add some honey in order to sweeten the tea. In order to gain better taste you can select petals with a strong smell and insufficiently dried.