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Girls Be Very Careful: You May Lose Memory, Hair, Nails Using!

Written By Admin on Friday, May 20, 2016 | 5:25:00 PM

Disturbing news has leaked out of a woman who nearly lost her life to severe bacterial infection. It all started when the woman, whose identity was not disclosed, fainted in her bathroom. This was preceded by worsened health including excessive hair loss. The woman also lost a couple of nails.

As soon as she was taken to hospital, she was diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection that led to a toxic shock. Surprisingly, all of this happened as a result of regular tampon use.
She was not only in bad physical condition. It seemed to her like her brain is canceling as she could not complete the sentence, and not to walk. She had to learn all that stuff again, back from the beginning, and the recovery was painful and lasted for two long years.
Specialists’ warn all young girls and all women to be very careful with the use of tampons. They explain that the tampon can be risky if it isn’t utilized appropriately and that it has to be changed in maximum 8 hours because the blood, warm and sodden environment are perfect for the advancement of unsafe bacteria.
If you utilize tampons in the night, than you don’t need to change it until the morning, since bleeding is poorly when lying down.
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