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FOR HIM IS TOO LATE, BUT NOT FOR YOU: Never, But Never, Ever Eat This!

Written By Admin on Saturday, May 28, 2016 | 8:24:00 AM

Luis Braun (25) wanted the perfect body for the beach but overdosed dangerous pills for weight loss – DNP.

DNP raised his body temperature to almost 42 degrees Celsius.
Braun, the father of the one-child, started going to the gym two years ago, and he began taking steroids but he discovered DNP.

He was given only a few hours of life

Lewis took three or four tablets a day-DNP, and in July 2015 started to take eight in every 12 hours. He noticed that his temperature begins to rise, so he went to the hospital. Chemicals were already beginning to attack the body so doctors couldn’t help. When his temperature was 39.8 degrees, doctors put him in an artificial coma: he bathed in the icy water.
However, doctors were able to save him by removing his dead muscle on the left foot.
The body began to heat up and cook the inside. They put me in a coma that movements do not turn up the temperature. The doctors told the family that I will live only a few more hours, said Luis.
For three days he was in a coma and another week in the ICU. He had three operations to remove the whole muscle.
“I did not know what I’m doing. I thought I was special. I just wanted to get the weight and I did not know what I’m doing. I’m happy I’m alive,” he says.
I begin to use tablets hazardous DNP two years ago. I bought them online or from friends. Monthly has spent around 200 Euros on chemicals that were entered orally or by injection, two to three times a week.