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Fear And Trembling For The Cholesterol And Cancer, But Great For The Waist And The Sperm

Written By Admin on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 | 10:55:00 AM

Nuts can often be found on the list of unhealthy foods.
For fried, salted or covered with chocolate, this claim is worth, but if they are not prepared they are a real damage for the health.
A study proved that consuming nuts in the organism doesn’t need to be limited. Namely, people who are consuming of these nuts or use them as a replacement for other food every day, lose weight and have a thinner waist.
The results show that the nuts aren’t going to make you gain weight and they are excellent for the health and the bloodstream.

It Reduces The Stress
The nuts are rich with alpha-lanoline acid, that way it protects the heart during stress when it’s endangered. The stress usually leads to decreasing the immunity, but if you eat almonds that are rich with vitamin E, B and magnesium, will maintain the immunity.

They Are Good For Fhe Heart
Almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, Brazilian nuts, domestic nuts play an important role in decreasing the risk of developing heart diseases, shows one study in Harvard. It’s like that because the nuts can decrease LDL cholesterol. Except that, they offer healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and fiber that protect the heart. The nuts are riche with arginine also, amino acid that helps loosen the blood veins.

Against The Lung Cancer
The food rich with pistachios somehow can protect from developing lung cancer, shows one research. The scientists think that the key role plays the gamma-tocopherol, type of vitamin E.

Reduces The Bad Cholesterol
A study in 2010 shows that consuming nuts every day reduces the bad LDL cholesterol for 7,4%. Except that, the concentration of the triglycerides falls for more than 10%.

Against Prostate Cancer
Brazilian nuts are full with selenium and can help against prostate cancer in advanced phase. Namely, man that had high level of selenium in the blood had 60% smaller chances to get a prostate cancer 17 years later.

Healthier Brain
Because of the healthy amount of vitamin E, the nuts are considered as brain food, i.e. they prevent the cognitive fall that usually comes with years. Especially peanuts are preferred because they ample with vitamins from the group B.

They Are Strengthening The Male’s Reproductive Health
Two handful nuts a day improve the sperm quality.

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