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Written By Admin on Monday, May 2, 2016 | 2:02:00 AM

Orange Juice is real vitamin bomb, therefore it can help in treatment of so many diseases and its so easy to make yourself glass of this juice each day. Check this 10 health benefits that orange juice can help with.

Orange Juice

Orange fruits contain carbohydrates and fructose, organic acids, salts, nitrogen and colored fabrics, cellulose, phytoncides and a large amount of vitamins A1, B1, B2, C. The vitamin content in orange juice is especially important for food during the winter period. Orange juice with water affects good on hair, it allows her strength and elasticity, excellently strengthens nails and gives them shine. Making mixtures from orange juice with other citrus juices beneficially affect the immune system.
Orange juice is effective against Avitaminosis. If you drink it all at once, it improves the appetite and stimulates the intestine. This juice also successfully quenched the thirst and is recommended against fever. Phytoncides which are found in orange juice have antiseptic properties and can be successfully used to treat wounds and ulcers that can’t heal for a long time. In cosmetics are used masks with a little amount of orange juice too.

Health Benefits of Orange Juice

*Vascular dystonia

For treating vascular dystonia ,which manifests with instability at the level of arterial blood flow, which means that it occasionally increasing and decreasing, except doctors preparations also can be used many fruit juices for example orange juice.
Orange juice can be used if the person in need has no allergies -  1/3 of cup five times a day before meals for 4 weeks in the fall and spring as therapy support. In case of appearance of allergies take 2-3 tsp 5 time a day before meals for about 4 weeks.

*Tachycardia and arrhythmia

For treating tachycardia (accelerated heartbeat) and arrhythmia can be used all kinds of natural fruit juices.
You will need: half glass of orange juice, half glass of banana juice, half glass of lemon juice. Before using mix all of them well and then drink 1 glass 3 time a day before meals for 3-4 weeks.

*Cardio sclerosis and myocardial dystrophy

Drink half of a glass of orange juice before eating for 2 weeks.

*Heart defect

To support normal function of the heart can be used mixture of fruit juices. Make a mixture of lemon juice, orange juice and cherries and sour cherries in proportions 1:1:2:2. This therapy can be used  1/3 of glass during the first week  ,half glass during the second week , 2/3 of the glass during the third week  and one whole glass of this juice during the last fourth week.


If you decide to treat acne with citrus juices you will need to know that using these juices for acne caused by allergies needs to be avoided. You can drink orange juice one half of the glass or 1/3 two or three times a day after eating for two weeks.

*Prevention of colds

Orange juice contains large amount of vitamin C  which is great for preventing colds  and that is why you can drink in large amounts (only if your organism is not prone to allergies) . Drink 4-5 time per day 1 glass of orange juice in proportions 1:1 with water until your condition does not improve.


¼ glass of orange juice, ¼ plum juice, 1/3 pear juice, 1/3 melon juice. Wash all of the ingredients before making juices .Drink half glass 2 times a day before going to sleep.


Make a mixture from pear juice, melon, plum, oranges and lemon in proportions 2:2:1:1:1 and drink half glass 2-3 times per day after meals.

*Diseases of genitals

Various inflammation and impaired work of the organs may be caused by excessive use of alcohol and food. Lack of organic nutrients can be offset by using fruit juices that restore immunity and normalize digestion. For treating and prevention of these diseases of genitals can be used different combinations of juices.Make a mixture of avocado juice, figs and orange juice in proportions 1:2:1 and drink half glass 3-4 times per day before meals for about 2 weeks.


When treating tuberculosis, using citrus juices will help you to beat the disease faster. To the person suffering from this it will give him serenity and good mood.All you need: ¼ glass of lemon juice, ¼ glass of orange juice and half glass of cherry juice .Mix all the ingredients well and let it sit for 2 hours. Drink 1/3 glass of this juice for 1 week.