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You Often Do These Mistakes While Cooking Without Knowing That They Can Be Harmful For Your Health!

Written By Admin on Wednesday, April 6, 2016 | 3:07:00 PM

Each person has special and common way of preparing food. Very often, it is based on spontaneous habits and not to the processes which can negatively affect to the health. These habits are actually those who cause certain diseases and development of bacteria. 

In order to protect yourself and your loved ones start practicing these following advises:
  1. Washing your hands during cooking – cleaned hands are a guarantee for good health, we all know how important is the washing of our hands but we do not practice this often. Before you start preparing your food, wash your hands with soap. Also, it is advisable occasional wash during the cooking, especially when you touch raw meat. Before proceeding to the preparation of vegetables, for sure, wash your hands with soap.
  2. Defrosting meat – most people defrost their meat on the kitchen table which is actually a big mistake because, the bacteria can multiply faster at a room temperature and can remain on the surface. This means that if you after put another ingredient on that surface, the bacteria will be transmitted to it. Defrost it into the refrigerator or in a bowl with cold water. Also, the microwave can help you.
  3. Wash the meat – Washing the meat into the kitchen sink is not hygienic because the bacteria will be retained on the surface.
  4. Marinating meat on the kitchen surface – The marinating of the meat is equally risky and harmful as defrosting because of the same reasons.
  5. Separating the raw meat of the processed meat – whenever you prepare it raw, boiled or roasted, you must use variety of vessels. You should never put cooked meat into a container where previously had raw meat, no matter how much time did you washed it. The same goes to seafood.
  6. Unevenly warming of the food – very often it happens when the meat is heated unevenly that it can be left in one “cold zone”. This cold zone can develop harmful bacteria. Therefore, before each heating of the food, distribute always the amount and if it is necessary add little water and stir it constantly. Cover the pot with lid or foil because like this the steam will remain inside and will ensure you thermal processing of the food.
  7. Cooling the food before you place it into the refrigerator – most people think that before they put the food into the refrigerator they must first cool it. Well, this is a big mistake because leaving hot food inside room temperature is just perfect invitation for bacteria. Into the food which can be spoiled quickly can develop bacteria in less than 2 hours unless the food is not into refrigerator. Still, the boiled and hot food which is made in the present moment should not be put into the refrigerator because of its discharge of heat can spoil the other food. It is recommended to cool it down faster with cold water or switching it into a new container and then put into the colder spot in the home. On this way you will lower the temperature and you can faster put it into refrigerator.
  8. Freezing foods with potatoes – The fresh potato or the foods which are prepared from it should not be frozen because on temperature below 0 the starch turns into sugar and becomes harmful. Wooden boxes which are placed into dark and dry rooms are ideal for storage. This will prevent germination which draws all the nutrients from it.
  9. Heating already cooked potato – the potato which has been already thermally processed should not be heated because then it loses all nutritional properties. Also, when it is being heated again, the potato releases many heavy metals, like toxic solanine which breaks down the proteins in the body. Nutritionists recommend that you should consume the potato cooled.
  10. Use marinade as sauce – Note that the marinade can be used as sauce only if you previously boiled it well before consumption. Although it looks economical, the bacteria from the raw meat can spoil the food.
  11. Food which stands long in room temperature – Food which stays into room temperature more than 2 hours is risky to eat so, store it into refrigerator.
  12. Unwashed fruit – The pesticides from the fruits can be easily transmitted on the hands and the surfaces so, before you decide to make fruit salad, soak the fruits into bowl with water and leave it for few minutes.