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Written By Admin on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 | 7:24:00 AM

As the intake of larger amounts tomatoes, improve the work of your heart and to regulate high blood pressure?

Tomatoes play a huge role in the diet and the "vegetable" does much more for the human body than normal refresh salads. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients that help lower high blood pressure.

The health benefits of eating tomatoes

Scientifically, tomatoes are fruits, but most people consider them vegetables. The level of calories in tomatoes is very low and very high in fiber. In addition, tomatoes are rich in nutrients that are good for your overall health, with:

Folic acid
Vitamins A, B, C and E
When tomatoes are cooked in combination with olive or sunflower oil, lycopene which is found in tomatoes is more easily absorbed into your body while maintaining all the nutrients

Tomatoes and heart

Tomatoes contain two key nutrients that have a major impact on cardiovascular health: lycopene and potassium.

Lycopene gives red tomatoes and is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cell damage. Some research suggests that lycopene can reduce "bad" cholesterol and prevent blood clots, thus reducing the risk of stroke.

Potassium is a mineral that lowers high blood pressure by taking away the sodium from your body (which consume excessive with many salty foods) and relaxes the walls of blood vessels under high pressure.

Include more tomatoes to your diet

We offer a few creative ways to enter more tomatoes to your diet, and thus to reduce the risk of high blood pressure:

Drink tomato juice with a low level of sodium (salt less)
Select cherry tomato as a healthy snack
Mix finely chopped tomatoes in your favorite pasta sauce
Cook with tomato paste to add more flavor and nutrients in the diet
Add slices of fresh tomato in your favorite sandwiches
Arrives summer tomatoes has in abundance. So, help your heart and turn tomatoes into your diet and forget about high blood pressure!