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Why the Drinking of Iced Water is so Dangerous For You?

Written By Admin on Friday, April 29, 2016 | 1:17:00 AM

Are you yearning for a glass of ice cold water?
This is probably the question that best describes the feeling for most people when they are thirsty. But wait before you reach for that bottle of ice cold water in your fridge you might want to consider the health risk you may be putting yourself under in your attempt to quench that thirst.

Effect of warm and cold water to your body
Warm water helps to loosen your skin and open up your pores when you take your bath with it. This is good as it helps to flush out unwanted toxins and dirt that may have been trapped in your pores during the night or day. On the other hand cold water actually constricts your skin and closes your pores, in doing so your pores retain the dirt and toxins that should be washed off your body.
When you drink warm water your digestive tract is made less constricted and this helps in your digestion, but when you take cold water you are likely to have your digestive tract constricted and this can slow down the movement of waste matter thereby leading to constipation and irregular bowel movement.
Let’s take a look at what cold water does to your body
  • Cold water taken after your meal your immune system could be hampered by the excess mucus build up and you are more likely to catch a cold or an infection.
  • Drinking cold water can constrain digestion, shrink your blood vessels and impede the hydration of your body.
  • Cold water when consumed makes the body to exert more energy in regulating its temperature and less energy is used in digesting food and absorbing vital nutrient.
  • Drinking cold water when eating a meal can solidify the fat you consume. This fat cannot be digested by the body and instead is stored.
Warm water is just right for your body, see why;
  • Warm water helps your bowel movement and reduces your chances of being constipated Warm water helps to stimulate the digestive enzymes in your digestive tract and hence improves digestion
  • Warm water helps your body to hydrate cells and tissues much quicker
  • Warm water helps to improve the natural detoxification in your body and it helps to cleanse the blood through your skin, kidneys and your lymphatic system
  • Warm water helps your body to break down the food you eat more effectively
So make that choice today and stop drinking ice cold water, drink more of water at room temperature to improve your overall health.
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