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What happens to your body when you combine Coffee and Cigarette

Written By Admin on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 | 9:48:00 PM

While both coffee and cigarettes have their negativities, the combination of this two is probably the worst thing you can do to yourself!

Worst combination ever "Coffee and Cigarettes"!

So if you can’t prevent this habits then better do it separately – one evil is better than two combined! If you are asking yourself why – your answer is here in this article, but let us start with the facts separately.


Usage of coffee have great history behind, and it is not much dangerous in case you didn’t drink it on empty stomach, otherwise can do huge harm to your stomach! Coffee also lower the density of your bones but this won’t be a problem if you intake 1000mg calcium per day which is not so hard to achieve.
Positive side of coffee is that will boost your alertness and blood pressure and this effect last from four to six hours (when the effect is gone you will be tired and need more coffee) but in case of overuse coffee can cause hyperactivity, dehydration, nervousness etc.


We all know how much they can hurt our body and our system. Never the less daily intake of cigarettes should be no more than 10 – so that your system could detoxify over the night in case if you can’t avoid them. Each cigarette damages your central nervous system, blood sugar levels rise, blood vessels are shrinking and the arteries are getting damaged. There is no point remaining you about all the possible cancer that they can cause…

Coffee + Cigarette

Now, what about the combination of this?
Both are stimulants, while one accelerates and increases blood flow the other is restricting it and slowing it down – so you may imagine the problem? Your heart will be in hard position and this puts a lot of pressure on it.
The second problem of this combination is the acidification of your body, both of this stimulants rise the levels of acidity which automatically destroys your stomach. The combination also doubles the pressure on your kidneys.
This leads to situation where your body is working against itself! It creates environment which drains energy and can bring you to development of depression that causes physiological and psychological desire to continue the consumption of coffee and cigarettes.
In order to prevent all this, experts advise to start exercising or to increase the intensity of your training.