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What Can Make 1 Unripe Banana To Your Body?

Written By Admin on Sunday, April 24, 2016 | 4:21:00 PM

Bananas are rich in large amount of resistant starch and the ones which are green and unripe own even larger amount. Unlike the conventional, the resistant starch is digested differently. In normal cases, its particles are broken down but to the green ones this is not happening.

In this article you will read many facts that you did not know about bananas and one of them is that they are good in losing weight.
The resistant starch is excellent for weight loss, so if you want to reduce your excess weight, always choose green bananas. Also, the fibers in these bananas increase the sense of satiety, which leads to reduced calorie consumption and weight reduction. Also, the resistant starch lowers the level of insulin in the body and prevents glucose from entering the cells inside the body.
The green bananas are great for keeping up the digestive tract. The fibers inside contribute to regular constipation and it keeps the digestive tract healthy by using probiotics also known as good bacteria.
These bacteria from green bananas can help with problems with the colon. Also, the probiotics bacteria reduce the risk of getting colon cancer. They are rich in vitamin B6 and C and calcium and magnesium. They contain very important amino acid tryptophan which helps in controlling the mood swings.
Note: The green bananas are not recommended for diabetics because they contain carbohydrates.