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Top 6 Health Benefits of Eggplant You Simply Can’t Ignore!

Written By Admin on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 | 2:42:00 AM

Eggplant is not as popular as other vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, and lettuce, but it is nutritious and therefore good for one’s health.

Just as other colourful veggies, this vegetable too has a host of health benefits which are primarily derived from its vitamin, mineral, and nutrient content.
Eggplants are a rich source of vitamin C, K, B6, thiamin, niacin, magnesium, phosphorous, copper, dietary fiber, folic acid, potassium, and manganese. It is also contains almost no cholesterol, or saturated fat.

Top 6 Health Benefits of Eggplant

1. Diabetes
For centuries, eggplants have been used for controlling and managing diabetes. Modern research validates this role, thanks to the high fiber and low soluble carbohydrate content of the eggplant.
This makes them the best option for people suffering from type 2 diabetes.
2. Heart Health
Studies have shown that eggplants can be beneficial to heart health due to their ability to fight inflammation and oxidative stress, leading to healthier arteries and more balanced cholesterol levels.
Eggplant nutrition has been shown to be beneficial in maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels.
3. Protects Against Cancer
Modern-day scientists found that the Black Magic variety of eggplant contains nearly three times the amount of antioxidant phenolics they found in other eggplant types. Phenols are known to be one of the most powerful free radical scavengers, which can prevent cancer.
4. Brain Health
Eggplants contain phytonutrients which keep the cell membranes protected from any kind of damage and facilitates the message transfer from one part to another, thus preserving the memory function.
5. Eggplant Can Help in Reducing Blood Clots
Eggplant is rich in vitamin K, which is known to be helpful in reducing blood clots. It also improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure, due to the presence of phytochemicals known as terpenes.
6. Anti-aging
The skin of eggplants have a lot of anthocyanins. These antioxidants act as anti-ageing agents.
Note: Night shade vegetables (tomatoes, bell peppers, and various types of potatoes) are also high in oxalic acid, which has been correlated with an increased risk for forming kidney stones and arthritis in some people.
For this reason, if you have a history of kidney stones or arthritis, it may be best to try eliminating eggplant and other night shade vegetables.