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TOP 5 Brands That use 100% GMOS in Their Products – Stay Away From Them!

Written By Admin on Sunday, April 3, 2016 | 7:03:00 AM

Have you ever wondered which companies should you avoid? Which producers offer low-quality products or violate the production standards? In this article we have listed the top 6 “grand players” in the food industry you should most certainly avoid.

We have largely discussed over the harmful effects of GMOs. GMO products have reached almost every place on Earth, so you have to know every information related to the dangers brought by these artificial foods.
Scientists have conducted many studies, and unfortunately people know nothing about this. These studies have confirmed that GMO’s are fatal — they cause diseases, ranging from allergies to cancer, even infertility.
Here is the list of top 5 companies that use 100% GMOs in their products — stay away from them!
1. Nestle
They add GMO in baby food. Do you need to know more? After public’s pressure in South Africa, the company was forced to remove GMO from baby food, but it still sells these products in the American version of the company.
2. Hershey’s
Would you still eat chocolate after finding out that the company has donated 800,000 dollars to defeat California’s prop 37 and Washington I-522 to label GMO products?
Hershey’s donated another 500,000 dollars to defeat this year’s anti-GMO initiative in Oregon and Colorado! The company offers just one organic brand: Dagoba.
3. Pepsi
The revealing of a secret GMO ingredient in their product really frustrated consumers. Just remember when the company had to pay 9 million dollars after losing a lawsuit for false advertising. They claimed that their “Naked juice” is a 100% natural, but it was actually loaded with GMOs.
With almost every product that Coca-Cola sells containing one form or another of high fructose corn syrup, it’s not a surprise at all that they are on this list. Even their “Simply Orange Juice” brand contains genetically modified oranges.
Keep your eyes open when you’re shopping, because until GMO labeling becomes the rule instead of the exception, There are going to be GMOs in the most common items in your grocery cart.
This company stated that their products are 100% natural without artificial additives, but some researchers proved the opposite. Kellogg’s mueslix has 100% GMO corn in the content. This is the reason why the company paid 5 million dollars for a lawsuit.