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The Cure Our Grandmothers Use To Treat Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughing And Lung Problems (RECIPE)

Written By Admin on Sunday, April 17, 2016 | 11:00:00 PM

Lung problems are such a normal thing these days that many people suffer from some form of respiratory conditions, like severe coughs, asthma, and bronchitis. And most of these conditions are a direct result of either one or a series of bad conditions and habits, like allergies, infections, and smoking.

For most of us going after pharmaceuticals seems like the only possible solution to our respiratory problems. However, there is always a different way.
What we offer you is a safe and healthy alternative which has been traditionally used by our grandparents for decades, and it is also a solution which brings proven, positive results, without any dangerous side-effects. Give it a go and see whether our grandparents were right at treating themselves the organic way.
How to make your organic lung medicine
What you need:
° Lemons ( fresh, 2 of);
° Organic honey (7 tablespoons of);
° Red onions (1.1lbs of);
° Brown sugar (1.1lbs of);
° Water (6 cups of).

How to prepare it:
First of all, peel your onions and chop them into slices. Then, put your brown sugar into a sauce pan and cook it slowly on medium heat, while stirring constantly to avoid sticking. When your sugars turns brown, add your onions and water. Cook while stirring until only a 1/3 of your water is left. Remove your saucepan from the stove and leave everything to cool down. While you are waiting, squeeze your lemons. When your paste has cooled down, add the lemon juice and honey and make sure it is well stirred. Finally, use a strainer to get rid of your onion slices and transfer your medicine to a glass container.
How to use it
Take 1 tablespoon of your medicine before every meal, but if you are using it on your children 1 teaspoon should be enough.
Keep using the medicine until it is finished, or until you get the results you were looking for. When you run out of it, you can always easily make another dose.