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The Amazing Health Benefits of Linden Flower Tea

Written By Admin on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 | 3:12:00 AM

One of Europe's most popular trees are linden trees to the point that it was declared the national tree of Slovakia and Czech Republic. Linden trees can be found in many big European cities, such as Vienna, where it blooms somewhere around June, and the entire city smells magical. The linden flower releases a relaxing and very pleasant scent that can be felt for miles. It can also be found in America, where it's called American linden.

Linden trees are long-living and can last up to 1,000 years. It's most popular use is as an ornamental trees to beautify alleys. But, in recet years researchers have started to notice the benefits that this tree can provide in medicine. The linden flower tea has a really sweet taste due to which beekepers have used the linden flower as an excellent source of honey for their bees.

The linden flowers are harvested when they start to bloom. In order to use them for a tea you have first let them dry. This process is very important. When drying linden flowers they kave to be kept away from direct exposure to sunlight.
The Benefits of Linden Flower Tea

The linden flower tea has lots of sugar, heterosides, tannings, essential oils and most important, vitamin C. You can even use the leaves as a rich source of calcium.

In traditional medicine the flower has been used to make teas that can be used to treat infections or common cold. The tea is known to have soothing and relaxing effects for the consumer because it slightly lowers the blood pressure. The linden flower tea relaxes your muscels, and can help with insomnia because of the antispasmodic effects. It can even act as a mild diuretic.

Even the tree itself has showed many benefits, for example, you can treat swellings and infections by using linden tree charcoal.