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Study Shows Red Wine Kills Cancer Cells

Written By Admin on Sunday, April 17, 2016 | 12:42:00 AM

Whether you already have cancer or want to prevent it, there’s good news for everyone.
According to a latest medical research, 7 simple but delicious foods and drinks have been found that can fight cancer effectively.

Such foods don’t nourish cancer cells, but instead they fight the growth of tumors. The best thing is that many of these foods and drinks could already be on your favorites list:
  • Wine
  • Blueberries
  • Black chocolate
  • Tomatoes
  • Green tea
  • Curry
According to experts, these foods could be even more effective than chemotherapy.
So what are the secret properties that provide these foods their special powers?
Angiogenesis is the standard process of blood vessel creation in our body. It gets enhanced during certain phases in life, such as in the newborns. But it is not common during the later part of our life, expect where there’s a need to restore tissue or capillaries in case of wounds.
This process is regulated by the inhibitor and activator molecules. Most of the time, it is the inhibitors which have more importance. However, activators become important when there’s need for stimulating enhanced vascular cell growth for new blood vessel formation.
All these 7 foods work by impeding the supply of blood to the tumor cells because of their anti-angiogenesis properties.
Tumor cells require extra blood vessels for supplying nutrients and grow through your body (metastasis) using blood. So their development gets conditioned by tumor angiogenesis.
Once cancer cells are fully-established, they will release angiogenesis activators. These are molecules which “cheat” your body and cause the development of fresh blood vessels which supply oxygen and nutrients to the tumor.
This is why modern medicine has developed drugs known as inhibitors of angiogenesis. Their functioning is entirely opposite of chemotherapy. They don’t’ attack cancer cells and prevent development of blood vessels to tumors.
According to scientists, you should directly consume all these foods for regulating angiogenesis. When you do so, it will help in preventing the development and spread of microscopic tumors.
Here are the foods that will help in inhibiting angiogenesis:
Red Wine
Resveratrol is a powerful and magical substance in red wine. It is a great antioxidant found within the skins of grapes. Among all the health benefits, the most important ones include minimizing the risk of developing heart disease and contributing to longevity.
There are so many studies that show that resveratrol helps in killing bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It also helps in prolonging animal life and boosts energy production in cells. Other benefits include:
  • Improving glucose tolerance in diabetics
  • Destroys hazardous free radicals
  • Preventing cell damage due to nuclear radiation
  • Improving heart function
  • Improving physical & mental status
  • Improving concentration
  • Repairing damaged DNA
As per certain testimonies, red wine helps in killing bacteria, fungi and viruses. It also inhibits cancer and enhances animal lifespan.
Drinking just 225 ml red wine will give you 640 mcg resveratrol. When you take resveratrol supplements, you should take dosage of 200 to 600 mcg a day. These supplements are usually mixed with grape and other antioxidant extracts.
According to research, certain types of red wines, like Bordeaux and Pinot Noir, have high levels of this useful polyphenol.
Tomatoes are considered to be the foods with one of the highest power in inhibiting angiogenesis. A Harvard-based study claims that those who took tomato sauce/cooked tomato 4 or more times per month reduced their chances of prostate cancer by up to 50 percent.
This is because tomatoes have high amount of lycopene, which has anti-angiogenic properties. It works by dissolving in fat and gets absorbed via our digestive tract.
Unlike vitamin C, lycopene’s volume increases when you process these foods by cooking in oil or process through high temperature.
Besides, dishes containing curries offer many substances that offer several benefits.
Raspberries & Blueberries
Both these fruits are considered to be highly effective in preventing various types of cancers because they help in reducing oxidative stress and inhibiting angiogenesis. Their dark coloration is due to phytochemicals which work as the active-ingredients in protecting against cancers. Besides, these fruits are also highly effective in fighting ovarian cancer.
Dark Chocolate
When it comes to chocolates, there’s no need to avoid some sweets, even when you are already suffering from cancer. Dark chocolate is not only great for your health, it also fights bad cells and improves your mood.
Green Tea & Coffee
Coffee and green tea must already be your favorite drinks. They can be of great help in fighting cancer.
Turmeric is a superfood that has endless amounts of health benefits. It can give a big boost to your overall health and also help in melting fats.
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