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Strawberries Are Useful For Anemic, Stomach Pain, Gall Bladder And More

Written By Admin on Sunday, April 17, 2016 | 3:25:00 AM

Unlike garden strawberry, the wild strawberries are smaller, more aromatic, and pleasant for eating. Contain vitamins and much more than the cultured strawberries, then minerals and other nutritious ingredients. So because of all this wild strawberries, in general are used in the natural medicine.

On wild strawberry healing are the fruit, leaf and the root. Fruit is harvested in June, July, August; the leaf in May, June, July and August, while the root is harvested in September.

Strawberry fruit contains 10% sugar, (invert sucrose), followed by lemon, wine and apple acids, pectin, iron, phosphorus, calcium, bromine, carotene, and vitamins are C. Because in itself contains a lot of iron, strawberry is recommended for the anemic illness, and it is good food for diabetics since the sugar from the strawberry is well used by the organism. For better healing session on

For better healing session on gall bladder , folk medicine recommends 15 day therapy with berries: it is needed, 3 times daily after meal, to consume 300 to 500 grams of this seasoned fruit with added honey and one freshly squeezed lemon juice.

In the case of the poor healing session on gall bladder of the liver 10 days before each meal should be taken by 300 grams of fresh berries with honey and lemons.

One to 1.5 month, daily should be consumed 500 grams of forest strawberry mixed with yogurt or lemon juice, when it comes to persons who have stone and sand in kidneys and in gall bladder – folk medicine says; in time when the fruit is not available fresh, recommended are dried fruits, juices, jam etc.

Even stomach aches, according to the folk medicine, can be calm down by the berries. In one liter jar, add strawberries and add unrefined oil, keep on the sun for two months. Once is done, take by one spoon three times per day.

Strawberry root tea (15 grams) and 250 grams water is boiled for five minutes, and then cover for 15 minutes.

Drink warm for several times a day; folk medicine recommends for cure of diarrhea.