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Signs That Certainly Point On Painful Kidneys

Written By Admin on Thursday, April 21, 2016 | 2:41:00 PM

If all organs work perfectly then the human body represents one excellent system. But, if one organ from the body does not function properly there are appearing some health problems.

The kidneys are vital organs which are responsible for elimination of waist. So, if these organs are not functioning perfectly, accumulation of toxins in the body is occurring.
In addition learn which symptoms and signs suggest kidney damage:
Urinate – certain changes in urine as darker color, strange odor and reduced frequency of urination – may be a sign of kidney damage. Also, if you feel  pain while urinating, see doctor immediately. Another alarming sign is blood in the urine.
Problems with skin – If the kidneys are not eliminating the waste from the blood, the accumulation of toxins in the blood can cause severe form of itching, rashes and dryness. This kind of situation is very serious because is early sign of kidney damage.
Pain in the lower back – The most common signs of damaged or unhealthy kidney is the pain in the lower back. At first this pain manifests itself on one side and later it can be felt on both sides. It is an early sign of kidney damage and must not be ignored.
Lack of oxygen – the lack of erythrocytes can lead to iron deficiency or anemia. The low levels of iron can cause fatigue and weakness. If the oxygen is not transported properly, the chances for dysfunction of the systems  are big because the oxygen is very important for the human organism.
Swelling – the elimination of excess fluids is the main function of the kidneys. If the kidneys are not functioning properly and are not discarding the waste effectively, there may appear swellings. The swelling can be spot on the face, wrists, hands, legs and feet.