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Reduce Your Waistline With this So-Called ‘’SLIM BOMB’’

Written By Admin on Saturday, April 2, 2016 | 2:04:00 AM

Many women worry about their weight especially in their waist. This article will show to those women how to lose 1 cm from their waist in just 24 hours. The recipe that you will need to prepare is called ‘’SLIM BOMB’’ and it helped to many women to lose excess fat and water from the body. It is very simple to make but very powerful and helpful.
– 1 teaspoon of honey
– 1 cup of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
– 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar
The preparation method is very simple, just put all the ingredients in a blender and mix them well. Another way is, until you get homogenous mixture to mix them in a bowl.
Always consume the mixture before lunch and dinner. You will need to do that for 7 days. After those 7 days, you will need to make a break from also 7 days and afterwards repeat the same procedure if you want even more weight loss.
Tip: Orange juice can be used instead of grapefruit. And this mixture is also good for the brain function.