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Ramsons (Wild Garlic) Perfect For Clean And Lean Body

Written By Admin on Friday, April 22, 2016 | 6:02:00 PM

All of the garlic fans will delight the bear’s bow, which has a much stronger odor than its sweet cousin.

Ramsons, or so called Wild garlic is a self-plant, technically known as “Allium ursinum“, which grows in moist deciduous forests, valleys and streams up to 1900 meters above sea level. It is also known under the name wild garlic. The name was given because this is a real spring treat for the bears that wake’s up from hibernation. Wild garlic grows in height from 20 to 40 cm, and has an upright thin bulb with white or yellowish color. If by any chance, during a walk in the woods, you feel a strong smell of garlic, that can only be the wild garlic.

Healing properties of the wild garlic

Since the wild garlic grows up in early spring, it is a perfect “tool” for a spring/summer cleaning of the body. Many of the people today prefer the wild garlic over the regular garlic because it grows wild, is not polluted, and has more healing effects than the regular garlic. Wild garlic contains allicin, essential oils, alisulfide and polysaccharides. The young leaves of the wild garlic contains 20 to 50 mg of vitamin C and carotene. Eating fresh wild garlic plants absorbs toxins and fat from the blood, blood vessels, intestines and stomach and removes them from the body. In the form of a tincture, also absorbs fats and helps cleanse the body of the high amount of LDL cholesterol. It is often underrated, but effective for lowering high blood pressure. The medical parts of plants are the young spring leaves that are harvested in April and May, and the underground bulbs that are collected in the summer and autumn months. You can dig up the whole plant and plant them in your garden, without any problem or any particular care at all.

Helps in geriatric pain

Wild garlic is ideal for older people, because it improves bowel function, heal acute and chronic diarrhea, intestinal laziness and constipation. Wine of wild harbor is extremely healing agent for the elderly with persistent pulmonary catarrh is related breathing problems. It is recommended in cases of pulmonary tuberculosis and dropsy. It also has a beneficial effect on the urinary system. Wild garlic can be used as a bath with eczema, dermatitis, bruises and wounds. 

However it is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

The healing properties of wild garlic are:

  • improves memory
  • helps with catarrh lungs and other respiratory illnesses
  • prevents blood vessel disease
  • has a beneficial effect on the stomach and intestine
  • makes parasites
  • helps with insomnia and vertigo
  • clean body
  • improving skin appearance
  • helps with osteoporosis and arthritis
Be very careful when picking wild garlic because it has poisonous twins: crocus and hellebore. They look similar, but they smell very different. If you are unsure, consult with an experienced person.

Wild garlic and cooking

Wild garlic can be used in a salads preparation, soups, sauces, pesto, or use it as a condiment for cheese and spreads.In some markets, mostly in the health food stores, wild garlic is available in a fresh form. In some markets you can also buy food products from the bear’s bow.It is the best to eat fresh wild garlic. It is not advisable to dry it, because it loses it’s medicinal properties.Wild garlic in the refrigerator can stay up to ten days.

Wild garlic tincture

With finely chopped leaves or bulbs fill up the bottle to the neck, cover with a 40 percent home-made brandy and leave in exposed to the sun for at least three weeks.

Once it is ready, drink it four times a day, and drink ten to fifteen drops of the tincture mixed with a little water.

Wild garlic leave tincture is best to be made in the spring, during the wild garlic season. Wild garlic blub tincture is best to be made in the autumn, because then the bulbs contain most medical ingredients.

Wild garlic pesto ingredients:
  • 100 g wild garlic
  • 30 ml of olive oil
  • 20 g Parmesan cheese
  • 20 g of nuts
  • salt and pepper

Nothing special, just mix all the ingredients with a stick blender. That’s it.

Pesto can be used for the preparation of pasta, soups, in addition to sauces, but also independently on a slice of fresh bread.