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Press This Spot And You Will Poop Immediately!

Written By Admin on Thursday, April 21, 2016 | 11:11:00 PM

We all know that pooping is actually eliminating toxins from our bodies and that is what makes it so important for the overall health. If you have troubles with pooping that means your overall health is at danger. Do you have the urge to poop but you cannot? – If your answer to the question is yes, then you may have already tried many different popular reliefs such as stool softener, cleanses, fiber, pooping position and detoxification. If those reliefs did not help you to solve your problem, this article will show you a technique that will help you to solve this problem and the best thing is that it has no side effects.

Have you ever noticed a little stretch of skin between your private part and the anus? Well that stretch of skin is actually called perineum, and it has a pressure point. If you massage on that point it can ease up constipation, and this fact is from the Journal of General Internal Medicine.
According to Journal of General Internal Medicine one in five people suffers from constipation, and that women are more affected then men. This is a serious health condition, so you should not laugh at it. Also pregnant women should feel free to use the same technique, and that massage actually has another positive effect and that is that it relaxes the bowel. This technique will help you in softening and breaking the stool.
Do not be ashamed to visit a doctor in case you suffer from this condition, and doctors should teach their patients that suffer from this condition how to use this technique. This technique will provide you better results than body workouts or laxatives.