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Powerful and Simple 2 Ingredient Recipe to Destroy Cancer Cells Efficiently

Written By Admin on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 | 10:45:00 AM

Wouldn’t the delusional physicians and the big pharmacology swindlers be embarrassed to find that cancer could be cured with nothing more complicated than ordinary baking soda? Well, no, they wouldn’t be embarrassed because they would be outraged. All of their billions in profits vanishing in a twinkle, would not have these betrayers of Mankind at all happy with such a simple cancer cure. And yet, cancer can be cured with nothing more complicated than ordinary baking soda. And I will explain how.
While the greedy physicians and the cancer industry robber barons have been using every imaginable method for treating the symptoms of cancer, and while millions of people have suffered and died under the most astounding variety of mechanical, chemical, bio-technological and radiological absurdities, little progress in curing cancer has actually been made. And why? Well, to understand why, you would have to understand who is treating cancer before you can understandwhy it is not being cured. Who are these cancer physicians who claim to know so much yet fail to do anything useful?
Firstly, they are people who admit that they don’t know the cause of cancer or how to cure it. And yet they insist that they be allowed to “practice medicine” anyway! These oncologists admit that no matter what they do, you are going to die anyway, and so why not let them do something since they can make better use of your money than you can. Even though they admit that they don’t know what they are doing, they offer you just two (and only two) choices: (1) let them cut-poison-irradiate-and-transplant you which includes a free estimation of how long you will live or (2) do nothing at all which also includes a free, but much shorter, estimation of how long you will live. And so, with such limited choices, most people prefer to bequeath their savings account to the doctors for choice number one. At best, the physicians promise to drug you into unconsciousness so that you do not feel any pain either from your tumors or from their billing department.
The fact that cancer cells feed on sugar is known worldwide. However, not many know that when sugar is mixed with baking soda, the result is completely different.
Namely, the sugar in honey or maple syrup penetrates into cancer cells and opens them up, whereas baking soda neutralizes cancer cells thus disabling them from using sugar to support their further growth. Honey or maple syrup gives different effect on cancer cells, which use 15 times more glucose, in comparison to healthy cells. It’s because of the honey that baking soda enters and destroys cancer cells.
To make this mixture, use the following ingredients:
  • Soda, and
  • Honey or maple syrup.
  1. Mix the baking soda with honey or maple syrup in a ratio 1: 3.
  2. Heat over low heat and stir for ten minutes.
  3. Consume 3 tsp. a day for one month.
While doing the treatment, avoid eating sugar, meat or white flour. This will make the treatment more effective.