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NBC News: ‘All Americans Microchipped by 2017

Written By Admin on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 | 10:34:00 AM

How would you feel if you had a microchip inside your body? Would you rate yourself then as a human being? The latest news on NBC reported that all Americans will have microchip inside their bodies by 2017. The Americans will be microchipped in order to be much simple for their identification. This kind of technology is actually targeting only one question – ‘’Am I who I say I am?’’. This was also reported by NBC.

Some reported that with this way the government could track your every move and by that the government will have more power.
Some states like Virginia, proposed laws in order to stop this from happening.
Believe it or not, this microchipping thing is being tested to several humans at the moment. Frightening isn’t it!? It is RFID Brain Chip that is being tested right now. With that chip the government can track the movement of people who have the chip inside them.
But the worse thing is not just that the movement that they will have the power to control, the person’s food and finances will be also. Another frightening thing that was spread out is that those people who will not follow the rules, the chip can kill them. The HR 3962 Bill is a copy of the HR 3200 bill, except for a fee removed words concerning the RFID Microchip.