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Long Forgotten Herb For Which The Doctors In The World Know That It Is Even Healthier Than The Garlic! Here Is That Herb

Written By Admin on Monday, April 11, 2016 | 3:36:00 PM

This is one herb whose medicinal properties are not much known. This herb is recommended by all the practitioners of the alternative medicine. There are various synonyms for this herb such as sremush, wild garlic and bear garlic. It is used for preventing the inflammatory infections  of the mucus, it acts positively of the elimination of the intestinal parasites and among people has been known since ancient times and is considered as very healing herb that is used to purify the digestive system, liver and blood.

It is excellent for the cardiovascular system, reduces hypertension and helps with atherosclerosis. It heals wounds due to its antibacterial properties, cleans respiratory channels, helps in the treatment of bronchitis, insomnia and several types of headaches.
Many scientists in the field of biochemistry consider that the wild garlic is far healthier than the ordinary garlic because is richer with various minerals, sugar, carotene, essential oils, vitamin C and alicin. It rejuvenates the blood vessels and makes them more elastic.
If people often use it as supplement in food will no longer have problems with many diseases. The wild garlic can be dialed in various ways into the food for example as addition to soups or broths, combined with lettuce.
The leaves from this plant should be harvested before flowering, and the garlic should be collected at the end of the summer or early autumn and from it many different drugs can be made.
The wild garlic acts favorably on the body and it should be consumed at least three weeks. The alternative medicine recommends one tincture of sremush for high blood pressure and clogged blood vessels.
Tincture against hypertension
Ingredients: 1l brandy, 250gr cloves from sremush
In one glass bottle place 3,4 fingers brandy and add the previously cracked garlic cloves from the sremush. Mix the cloves with the brandy and transfer the mixture into dark glass bottle and fill the bottle with the remained brandy. The tincture should stand for 14 days at room temperature and occasionally be shaken. After 14 days, strain the contents and the resulting tincture store it in the refrigerator.
Use: Consume  20 drops from this tincture in the morning and evening mixed with ½ cup of milk or yogurt, the milk should be previously warmed.