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How To Make Black Healing Garlic And For What Can It Be Helpful?

Written By Admin on Thursday, April 7, 2016 | 9:55:00 AM

The black garlic already took place into the world’s gastronomy with its mild with vinegar wires taste and recently the alternative medicine begun to prescribe many positive properties about it. In some cultures, the black garlic is one traditional specialty. It is used for preparing various meals such as salads, pizza, pasta, seafood and meat due to its unique flavor.

How to make black garlic?
When you consider preparing black garlic always choose large round heads of garlic. Be careful, the garlic should not be damaged, rotten or sprouted. Even one small part of it should not be damaged. Wash the heads well. After washing, leave them on cold place, at least 6 hours to dry. The procedure should not start until the garlic is completely dried. If you have special container for fermentation or drying, even better, consider using it. But, if you do not have it, you can do it in simple pot for cooking rice or bowl for slow cooking. Set the temperature into the container of 50- 60 degrees. Place the fresh garlic inside the container. Set the humidity level of the container to 60-80% for 10 hours, increase the temperature on 70 degrees and change the humidity 90% for 30 hours. After these 30 hours expire, change the temperature to 80-85 degrees and humidity to 95% for another 200 hours. After the end of the last 200 hours, the garlic will be black as it is on the picture and the process of fermentation will be finished.
What are its advantages? For what it can be used?
  • Prevention of cancer and reduction of cholesterol – the long process of fermentation creates super- garlic which has protective effects against cancer and can reduce the levels of cholesterol because inside there are found larger amounts of the natural substance S- allylcysteine, natural ingredient which is also present into the fresh garlic and is derivative of the amino acid cysteine.
  • Rich in antioxidants – thanks to all of the present antioxidants the black garlic boosts the immune system for very short time and protects against free radicals. It also prevents damage to the cells. It prevents chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and circulatory problems.
  • Reduces the high blood pressure – the black garlic is ideal for those individuals who suffer from high blood pressure. With regular consumption it will regulate the level of glucose in the blood and it can also be useful for people with diabetes.
  • Smell less – the black garlic has no smell so automatically it means no more bad breath from it.
  • Protects against infections – the black garlic contains allicin, sulfur compound which acts as natural antibiotic that destroys all fungal and bacterial infections.
  • Fighter against cancer – it helps against various cancers such as bladder cancer, prostate cancer, gastric cancer, colon and also breast due to the vitamin B6.
  • Used against mosquitoes – mix garlic, oil, Vaseline and bee wax. This mixture is perfect against mosquitoes.
  • Protects the plants as natural pesticide from pests, just mix oil, garlic, water and liquid soap.