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How Much Food Suits You During The Day?

Written By Admin on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 | 10:15:00 AM

Modern lifestyle has brought us a lot of unhealthy habits when it comes to nutrition and first on the list are definitely overeating.

Not necessarily want to reduce some weight to start to look out of the diet, do so because of your health, not for appearance.
The simplest way to measure how much food you need, a meal should stretch into your hand and follow this guide:
  • Connect both of your hands as if to refill water in them, but instead of water, measure how they collect vegetables. So many vegetables are your enough for one day.
  • Tighten you’re a fist and how great portion of the folded fingers, so many carbohydrates you need in a single day. These include pasta, rice, cereals and bread.
  • The size of your palm without fingers, the size of the piece of meat that should be eaten in over a day.
  • Tight a fist is equal to the amount of fruit you need throughout the day.
  • To measure how much cheese or other dairy commodity suits you during the day, measure the index and middle finger and cut a piece.