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Healthiest Juice Recipes in the Morning

Written By Admin on Sunday, April 24, 2016 | 8:55:00 AM

Juicing is one of the most fun and effective ways of keeping healthy. This is because you are loading your body with many vitamins and minerals. Juicing is simply the process of grinding fruits and vegetables into liquid form through the use of a juicer. People either juice themselves or go to a store to by the juice, eliminating them from having to spend time chopping fruits and vegetables and extracting the juice themselves. Juicing can be done at any time of the day but the best time to juice is in the morning as you begin your day.

This is because when you wake up, your body craves specific vitamins and nutrients that are found in most fruits and vegetables. These vitamins and nutrients are the fuel that your body needs to endure a day filled with work and other obligations.
Mornings are not the only ideal time to juice as people drink juices in the afternoon and even at night. The only problem with juicing in the afternoon or at night is that you have a tendency to gain weight because you do not have the ample time to completely burn the sugar that you may choose to add to these juices. This is why mornings are the best time to drink juices.
Drinking a juice every morning can be a better substitute to conventional breakfast foods such as bacon, hams, sausages, eggs, and many more. The best part about juices is that they are either made from fruits or vegetables, which do not contain any fat, cholesterol, and other harmful ingredients that promote weight gain. Let us take a refreshing journey to some of the healthiest fruit juices so that you can become healthier. Please keep in mind that you will need an effective juicer to be able to completely extract all of the juices embedded into each and every fruit and vegetable to be able to get the most vitamins and nutrients possible.
Apple Cucumber Juice
This refreshing juice is a very delicious juice that is simple to prepare. The ingredients of the apple cucumber juice are:
– Sliced green apples
– Sliced cucumbers
– Handful of mint leaves
– Sliced lime
– Handful of spinach leaves
Step 1- Put the sliced apples into your juicer. Make sure that you do this process one by one so as to avoid your juicer getting clogged.
Step 2- Next would be to add your spinach into your juicer.
Step 3- Put your sliced cucumber into the juicer.
Step 4- Add your mint leaves into the mix.
Step 5- Add you sliced lime.
Taste description
The apple cucumber juice is not thick as there is no pulp or other thickening properties that most juices have. You will experience an extremely refreshing taste in your mouth that will be characterized by a strong lime taste. The cucumber slices give the juice a lot of liquid that will give the juice its refreshing taste when you drink it.
Interesting health facts
Spinach contains a lot of iron and vitamin K, which provides for better blood flow and circulation.
Pineapple orange juice
The pineapple orange juice is yet another delicious recipe that is more of a tropical juice. It is simple to make as there are only a few ingredients. These are:
– Sliced pineapple peel
– 2 sliced bananas
– Sliced lime
– 3 peeled oranges
Step 1- Add you sliced pineapple peel into your juicer. Make sure to add your ingredients one by one so as to avoid any clogging.
Step 2- Add your oranges into your juicer.
Step 3- The third step will be to add your sliced bananas into the mix.
Step 4- Lastly; add your sliced lime into the juicer.
Taste description
When you drink this pineapple orange juice, you will experience a magical ride as the predominant flavor is pineapple. The orange juice provides for a more refreshing taste and the lime adds a subtle kick. Over-all this juice recipe is one of the most delicious recipes ever invented.
Interesting health facts
When you peel your banana, you can use the peeled skin to help heal a wound on your skin. Banana peels can also be used to relieve the itching that results in mosquito bites. For skin health, banana peels are also beneficial as they help reduce wrinkles, warts, and other skin blemishes.
Spinach protein shake
Protein shakes are great substitutes to real meals. They contain all of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and protein required to last a whole day of work and even exercise. Most bodybuilders take protein shakes to aid their muscle growth and repair torn muscle fibers that are a result of heavy workout regimens. Here are the ingredients:
– 3 cups of spinach leaves
– 2 tablespoons of peanut butter
– 1 scoop of Vanilla soy protein powder
– 2/3 cup of unsweetened milk
– Sliced banana
– Ice
The process of making the spinach protein shake may take a few minutes due to all of your ingredients. The process is very simple in which you will need to use a blender instead of a juicer as you will be including ice and milk.
Step 1- Add the spinach into your juicer.
Step 2- Add the peanut butter into the mix.
Step 3- Add the vanilla soy protein powder.
Step 4- Add the unsweetened milk.
Step 5- Add the ice and blend everything carefully until everything has dissolved properly.
Taste description
You will be amazed at how great this shake tastes. The spinach taste will be masked by the vanilla soy and peanut butter ingredients that you add. The shake is so good that most children who hate vegetables will love this shake.
Interesting health facts
Peanut butter is a natural source of good fat that will aid your body in many ways. Protein soy is also a good health aid as it allows your muscles to grow. It also aids your bones at getting stronger, which is also aided by the milk that you add.