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Food Items that Promote Anti-Aging

Written By Admin on Sunday, April 24, 2016 | 8:58:00 AM

Anti-aging diets, products, and supplements seem to be must-haves for most people nowadays. This is alongside with the public’s interest in diet fads as well. A youthful and sexy body is what the general population needs and wants to have. Anti aging diet food plans seem to encompass weight loss as well. This dual-action of anti-aging diet programs makes it the top choice of most consumers who want to slow down the aging process and lose weight at the same time.

An ideal anti aging diet is composed of foods rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals, and Omega-3 fatty acids that slow down both the physical and mental aging process. You don’t need to be strict and choosy with the food that you take in. It’s just a matter of modifying the types of food that you eat in order for it to be an anti aging diet scheme.
Here are some chemicals that are known to have anti aging properties. These chemicals are found in almost all natural fruits and vegetables that we find in the grocery. We take them for granted because most of us are used to eating processed foods. This is one thing that you need to eliminate in your anti aging diet plan. Processed foods found in most fridge boxes in the grocery are full of substances that trigger oxidative process. Oxidation is a process that occurs in our bodies on a daily basis. It is true that most of these oxidative processes are inevitable.
However, slowing them down is rather an important task that we must do in order for use to live healthier and longer lives.
Antioxidants are chemicals found mostly in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and oils that are essential in reducing oxidative stress. Anti oxidants stops the damage and destruction in human cells by releasing free radicals that in turn protects the cell. Anti oxidants is destroyed as well after the releasing free radicals. It is then safe to say that anti oxidants also undergo the oxidation, but does not induce any harmful effects on human cells.
Antioxidants are important to fight off the oxidative process, which in turn slow down aging while at the same time providing other positive health benefits in the body.
When we talk about antioxidants think of green leafy vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Colorful organic foods are a great source of antioxidants. The best thing about these foods is that you don’t need to cook them in order for you to satisfy your hunger. They are mostly eaten raw. By eating them raw, you get the maximum amount of anti oxidants from anti aging diet foods.
• Phytochemicals
Phytochemicals together with anti oxidants provide the cells of the body with protection not only against oxidation but also from harmful toxic substance that induces the onset of chronic and degenerative diseases. We all know that prevention is better than cure, and phytochemicals when consumed on a regular basis can lower your risk from developing and acquiring degenerative disease.
Most chronic and degenerative diseases hasten the aging process, especially when the disease process is already in its terminal stage. Preventing the occurrence and incidence of chronic disease will help in strengthening our cells from possible toxic substances attacks. Phytochemicals are mostly found in fruits and vegetables as well. You don’t need to know which fruits and veggies do have them because most fruits and vegetables contain both antioxidants and phytochemicals.
• Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Omega-3 fatty acids are mostly found in fatty fish and nuts as well. They act side-by-side with antioxidants and phytochemicals in protecting the integrity of human cells. The effects of Omega-3 fatty acids are mostly responsible in slowing down mental aging or degeneration. It’s one integral part of your anti-aging diet that should always be included in your daily meals. If this is not feasible, there are Omega-3 fish oils capsules which provide you with the necessary dose of fatty acids in your body on a daily basis.
Tuna, mackerel, herring, and salmon are just some of the examples of fatty fishes that contain high concentrations of Omega-3. If your grocery doesn’t have much supply of these fatty fishes, fish oil capsules would suffice as a great alternative to supply your body with the all-essential Omega-3 fatty acid.
• Water
Water is one of the things that we take for granted. Most of us only hydrate ourselves with water during meals. But water intake should be continuous and should always be kept at an optimum level. The action of Omega-3, Phytochemicals, and Antioxidants are facilitated and maximized by good hydration levels within our system.
There should be a constant balance between your anti aging diet plan and hydration levels in your body to make sure that the process of oxidation is kept at a minimum.
These are just some of the naturally occurring substances that make the anti aging process possible. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on anti-aging creams and products. You can go all natural with slowing down aging through a well-balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. An all-organic an anti aging plan is all that you need to regain that youthful and healthy glow which you once had.