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Family Collects $72 Million After Proving Talcum Powder Is Cancerous

Written By Admin on Friday, April 22, 2016 | 8:12:00 AM

In a three-week-long trial, a Missouri jury finally resolved a medical case which included the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. The final outcome cost the company $72 million, which were paid to the family of a woman who died last year of ovarian cancer.

Johnson & Johnson were the culprits in this case, after it was proven by the family that the leading cause of death in the woman was the cancerous content in the company’s talcum powder.
As BBC reports, the 62-year-old woman, Jackie Fox from Birmingham, Alabama, had been using the talcum powder for years, without knowing its compounds and the health risks involved.
This is not the first time that the company is facing a trial of this sort. Another 1,200 lawsuits are still pending all over the country, waiting for a verdict. It is likely that J&J will appeal, although this has not been cleared yet.
The main concern regarding the product was the talc stem, which is considered cancerous, due to high asbestos content. Johnson & Johnson have been selling their products containing this mineral since the 70s and have made a fortune out of it.
However, the products do not contain direct asbestos, but a substance with similar properties.
Numerous studies have so far related talcum powder to ovarian cancer.
Still, no response of the truthfulness of these facts is announced. Studies have failed in proving the cancerous characteristics of the talcum powder. On the other hand, this all may be a marketing trick to keep the company safe from bankruptcy.
Exposure to talc has been a major issue since these cases took place. Other products, like condoms and diaphragms also contain talc and may cause more severe damage than the powder itself.
“Considering talc a carcinogen lacks convincing scientific documentation,” one study explains