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Eating Only 2 Pieces Of This Increases Your Risk Of Pancreatic Cancer

Written By Admin on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 | 7:16:00 AM

Researchers in Stockholm, Sweden published a study that found men who eat 2 strips of bacon or one sausage link a day have a 19% higher chance of developing pancreatic cancer than the ones who don’t.

As there are no early tests, pancreatic cancer kills more than any other cancer.
Unfortunately, 74% of pancreatic cancer patients will die within the first year they are diagnosed, and only 7% of them will live more than 5 years.
The new study, published in BMC Medicine worked on disease rates in groups who ate poultry, red meat and processed meat.
The researchers found a strong link between the intake of processed meat and cardiovascular disease and cancer. So, they concluded that the processed meat is linked to mortality rates and that 3.3% of the deaths could have been prevented if less than 20 gr. of processed meat was eaten daily.
The key factor in these studies are the nitrates, a substance added as a preservative that gives processed meat its red color.
Various studies have long linked nitrates to cancer, so this is an important consideration when concluding that bacon or other processed meats cause pancreatic and other cancers.
Reducing the risk of this type of cancer would be as simple as just paying attention to the food we eat. Enjoying favorite processed meats like bacon only in moderation can be an important part of living a healthy lifestyle!
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