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Cranberry Helps In Treating Ovarian Cancer

Written By Admin on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 | 10:25:00 AM

Former studies have shown that cranberry is an excellent prevention in the fight against urinary infections, but that is also positively affecting all cardiovascular diseases.

In the last 10 years every small research actually revealed how strong the effect of this herb is, which primarily has a pleasant taste because of its beneficial effect, but also because of the nutritional value it contains.

Cranberries can be eaten raw, dry, in addition to food or drink as juice.

The cranberry is known for its strong antioxidant capacity and its positive impact on the immune system.

However, recent studies suggest that cranberry is effective in the treatment of other diseases, such as ovarian cancer, for example.

In the treatment of ovarian cancer often comes to the development of resistance to common drugs, which cause to use stronger doses, and by that you are increasing the risk of damage to the nervous system and you may harm the function of the kidney.

The scientists say that in their study they have used cranberry extract which is available in every better-supplied health food stores. The research findings have proved that after the first glass of cranberry juice, their effect was noticeable.

Antioxidant type A, which is only found in cranberry, binds to proteins from cancerous cells, block their growth and reproduction, and also increases the effect of chemotherapy.

In this way, one cup daily of this powerful potion is doing miracles in the prevention of various diseases and in treating them.

If you’re not a fan of tea, you can use this sweet-sour herb to prepare some meals or even make topping or syrup.

When choosing tea, you should put the cranberry on your top list!