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Amazing Elixir That Helps In Treating All Skin Diseases

Written By Admin on Monday, April 11, 2016 | 3:38:00 PM

This recipe is very efficient when it comes to any kind of skin disease. Also it helps with psoriasis.

  • Leaf from walnut
  • Bark from oak
  • Bark from willow
  • Nettle
  • Marigold
(Mix equal parts of all these ingredients)
Take 3 tablespoons from the mixture and pour them into previously boiled 700ml of water. Cover it and leave it for about half an hour and strain it after. Divide it into 3 parts and drink it three times a day, half an hour before meals.
Consume regularly this tea for fast and effective results.
For almost every disease, the phytotherapy for purifying the blood is recommended because it cleans the skin, accelerates healing and reduces the return of the disease.
The herbs which are present in this tea are popular in this phytotherapetiuc application. This tea is great for reducing the inflammation, itching, irritation and pain.
Leaf from walnuts – the leaves from walnuts are used for skin diseases because contain strong anti- inflammatory properties. They are applied in treatments for skin infections, serious bacterial and fungal infections, bleeding gums, inflammation of the digestive tract, lichen, acne and excessive sweating. Also, they can be used as means of detoxification of the body, strengthening the stomach and improving the digestion of the blood against ulcers and gout. They can be collected in early spring.
Nettle – it helps in cleansing the body and also strengthening of the whole organism. It contains quercetin – strong antioxidant and antihistamine that reduces the strong inflammation. The nettle is the one perfect drug for the skin disease urticaria and other skin rashes and allergic reactions. It can be collected early in the spring while its young.