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A Dozen Amazing Health Benefits Of Shea Butter And Why It Should Be In Every Home

Written By Admin on Friday, April 22, 2016 | 10:36:00 AM

Shea Butter and other cosmetics as well as culinary items employed by our grand parents in their days for healing , beautification and cuisine are fast making royal come back in our homes, markets and industries.

The list of these age-long natural home items is endless, they include but are not limited to; coconut oil, palm kernel oil, Aloe vera, cam wood, medicinal clay, charcoal, rock salt and shea butter (the subject of today’s post) to mention a few.

In a way, the modern trend proves that the ancients had a better appreciation of nature’s gifts than the modern man with his supposed knowledge of the workings of man and the universe.

Check the labels of products on supermarket shelves and you will be amazed at the new -found love by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies at including natural items once ignored in their formulations. Phrases and catch-words like;… enriched with virgin coconut oil,…. made with natural shea butter,…. contains organically grown Aloe vera gel etc are not uncommon inscriptions.

Perhaps the manufacturers of these household items are compelled to look inwards, adjusting to the desire-trend of their consumers who appear to be gravitating towards natural items or perhaps the manufacturers do so for purely financial gains; in other words, to still remain relevant in the highly competitive global market.

Whatever the reason(s) might be, the obvious is that our way of viewing things is fast changing thanks to the Divine/Spiritual impulses FORCEFULLY reshaping our world for the ultimate benefit of the Will-of-God-compliant human beings.

Now, how can Shea Butter, (that ivory colored vegetable fat produced from the nuts of the shea tree known scientifically as Butyrospermum parkii) also called Okwuma in Igbo language and Ori in Yoruba language be of immense help to us in advancing our health?

Benefits of Shea Butter

1. Shea butter protects our skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiations from the sun because it is rich in cinnamic acid. In addition, shea butter contains Vitamins E and precursor of Vitamin A, both are known powerful antioxidants.

2. Shea Butter contains skin renewal constituents such as phytosterol, fatty acid triglyceride (stearic and oleic), palmitic acid and linoleic acid.

3.As an anti-inflammatory substance, Shea Butter is applied to skin to reduce swelling and skin irritations caused by harmful chemicals or pathogens.

4 . Shea Butter has anti-aging properties, it facilitates tissue cells regeneration, softens the skin and promotes collagen production.

5. Shea Butter application on rheumatic and athritic joints helps to relieve the pains accompanying those health conditions.

6.Regular moderate ingestion of Shea Butter reduces the bad cholesterol (the low density lipoprotein, LDL). This is attributed to the stearic acid and saponin content in shea butter.

7. Shea Butter is widely utilised in the treatment of various skin diseases and affections such as dry skin condition, eczema, rashes and dermatitis.

8. Shea Butter makes skin to glow and that’s one major reason why many skin care products contain shea butter.

9. Shea Butter is an excellent skin moisturizer

10. Shea Butter is a useful hair treatment; many saloons have switched to the use of shea butter for hair treatment, dandruff and to moisturise and promote hair growth.

11. Shea Butter repels mosquitoes when applied on the skin, however this is potentiated by the addition of lemon balm extract earlier discussed on this blog.

12. Many women in particular have attested to the beneficial effect of shea butter for the treatment of stretch marks. To maximize the healing effect, an addition of ginger to the shea butter is recommended and the application should be consistently carried out for at least a month.