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5 Main Habits That You Need to Change, Which Makes You Dangerously Over Weighted and Obese!

Written By Admin on Thursday, April 14, 2016 | 2:07:00 AM

If you’re overweight and can’t seem out to lose weight despite how arduous you attempt, it could be opportunity to examine your habits. an excellent quote from Emerson Ralph Waldo puts it into perspective sow a thought and you reap an action ; sow an act and you reap a habit ; sow a habit and you reap a character ; sow a character and you reap a destiny. if were sowing the incorrect habits we set ourselves up for final failure.
When it comes to eating, we have strong habits. Some are good (“I always eat breakfast”), and some are not so good (“I always clean my plate”). Although many of our eating habits were established during childhood, it doesn’t mean it’s too late to change them.
Making sudden, radical changes to eating habits such as eating nothing but cabbage soup, can lead to short term weight loss. However, such radical changes are neither healthy nor a good idea, and won’t be successful in the long run. Permanently improving your eating habits requires a thoughtful approach in which you Reflect, Replace, and Reinforce.
  • REFLECT on all of your specific eating habits, both bad and good; and, your common triggers for unhealthy eating.
  • REPLACE your unhealthy eating habits with healthier ones.
  • REINFORCE your new, healthier eating habits.

  Reflect, Replace, Reinforce: A process for improving your eating habits

  1. Create a list of your eating habits. Keeping a food diary for a few days, in which you write down everything you eat and the time of day you ate it, will help you uncover your habits. For example, you might discover that you always seek a sweet snack to get you through the mid-afternoon energy slump. Use this diary[PDF-36KB] to help. It’s good to note how you were feeling when you decided to eat, especially if you were eating when not hungry. Were you tired? Stressed out?
  2. Highlight the habits on your list that may be leading you to overeat. Common eating habits that can lead to weight gain are:
  • Eating too fast
  • Always cleaning your plate
  • Eating when not hungry
  • Eating while standing up (may lead to eating mindlessly or too quickly)
  • Always eating dessert
  • Skipping meals (or maybe just breakfast)
  1. Look at the unhealthy eating habits you’ve highlighted. Be sure you’ve identified all the triggers that cause you to engage in those habits. Identify a few you’d like to work on improving first. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for the things you’re doing right. Maybe you almost always eat fruit for dessert, or you drink low-fat or fat-free milk. These are good habits! Recognizing your successes will help encourage you to make more changes.
  2. Create a list of “cues” by reviewing your food diary to become more aware of when and where you’re “triggered” to eat for reasons other than hunger. Note how you are typically feeling at those times. Often an environmental “cue”, or a particular emotional state, is what encourages eating for non-hunger reasons.Common triggers for eating when not hungry are:
  • Opening up the cabinet and seeing your favorite snack food.
  • Sitting at home watching television.
  • Before or after a stressful meeting or situation at work.
  • Coming home after work and having no idea what’s for dinner.
  • Having someone offer you a dish they made “just for you!”
  • Walking past a candy dish on the counter.
  • Sitting in the break room beside the vending machine.
  • Seeing a plate of doughnuts at the morning staff meeting.
  • Swinging through your favorite drive-through every morning.
  • Feeling bored or tired and thinking food might offer a pick-me-up.
Below are 5 habits which could be sabotaging your weight loss goals.
1. Far too much tv : are you cognizant of how enough time you pay in front of one’s tv ? it is straightforward out to come back home from work and park ourselves in front of one’s tv for several hours with a time. one among the reasons this works against our weight loss goals happens to be the advertisers of junk food and fast food are sensible, the rationale advertisers pay several bucks for ads is as it works. even the healthiest people will succumb out to temptations. you’re additionally burning terribly few calories whereas viewing tv. plus the vast majority of us eat unhealthy snacks whereas watching tv and then we dont monitor portion management.2. We skip breakfast : skipping breakfast is linked out to obesity. by not having breakfast you’re more inclined to occur out to eat a lot of at alternative meals. eating atiny low healthy breakfast can provide you with a lot of energy for morning activities, therefore you can burn a lot of fat.
3. Eating 3 giant meals : studies have shown that should be higher for weight loss out to eat six tiny meals daily than out to eat 2 or 3 giant ones. eating six tiny meals spread out during the entire day, helps regulate blood sugar and management cravings. barely take care that the meals are tiny and total up out to your required calories intake.
4. Not obtaining enough sleep : if you do in fact are really in the habit of staying up late and never obtaining enough sleep in which case you might be inflicting your body out to store weight. many studies show a correlation amongst your weight gain and sleep deprivation. if you’re tired within the whole morning and feeling sluggish you’ll need to attempt and acquire an further hour or 2 of sleep. its arduous out to exercise and feel productive if you’re tired.
5. Eating fast food : this one may be a no brainer. if you’re going via a drive through specifically for your own personal lunch or dinner, than you’re positively going in the incorrect direction within the whole pursuit of one’s weight loss goals. prepare healthy meals sooner than time and take them you.
Once you determine the habits that cause weight gain, you might want to then go concerning the method of fixing the problems. you don’t really need to fix all your bad habits right away. aiming to do far too much will overwhelm you. instead take one habit and decide to remove it. to interrupt the bad habit you have got out to replace it by having a lot of productive habit. as an example if you do in fact watch far too much tv, begin scheduling your viewing ; build it get rid of than 2 hours on a daily basis. replace leftover time with a lot of healthy alternatives, like going for walks, runs or towards the gym. stick when using the new arrange for at the very least 21 days, once you have got created it this way you have got created a whole new and healthy habit. after 21 days you might want to begin operating by the next habit you wish to amendment.