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3 Amazing Recipes to Include Bitter Melon in Your Diet

Written By Admin on Saturday, April 9, 2016 | 2:55:00 AM

Bitter melon is grown and eaten as a vegetable throughout Asia and it also prepared and consumed as a tea.
For centuries it is known and praised for it medicinal and curative properties purposes.
Used as a folk remedy to help with weight loss, blood disorders and bad hangovers; it helps lowering blood glucose levels in diabetics.

Bitter melons may offer protective benefits against some forms of cancer, according to a study published in the September 2012 issue of the journal “Natural Product Communications”.
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3 Amazing Recipes to Include Bitter Melons in Your Diet
Bitter Melon Juice
  • bitter melon
  • honey

Directions: Clean your bitter melon under cold running water and brush with a soft vegetable brush. To prepare, slice the melon length-wise and scoop out the seeds. To lessen the bitter flavor, soak it in salt water for about half an hour before juicing.

The smaller variety is more bitter than the bigger one. To help make bitter gourd juice more palatable, take it with honey, or add carrot or apple juice. For diabetics, drink the juice with green apple juice.
Important: Typical doses range from 50 to 100 mililiters of fresh juice divided into two to three doses throughout the day. Please consult your doctor.
Pregnant women should avoid taking too much bitter gourd or its juice as it may stimulate the uterus that may lead to preterm labor.
Bitter Melon Tea
Dried bitter melon slices can be made into a tea. The tea has a mild, nutty taste and is very pleasant to drink, even without adding any sugar or honey.
  • 4-5 slices bitter melon
  • 1 cup of water
Instructions: Use 4 or 5 slices of dried melon, to each cup of water. Infuse for 3 to 5 minutes and drink warm.
Herbalists and natural medicine practitioners often recommend bitter melon to help control blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes, according to New York University Langone Medical Center.
A study on laboratory animals published in the September 2005 issue of the journal “Plant Foods For Human Nutrition” found that bitter melon lowered blood sugar levels by up to 30 percent and improved kidney function.
Important: Consult your healthcare provider for the correct dosage if you are under treatment for diabetes or cholesterol.
Amazing Bitter Melon Soup – Video