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The Healing Properties of Cucumbers

Written By Admin on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 | 9:46:00 AM

Cucumber diuretic effect is of great importance in the individual diet therapy, because with low energy value, and with a fortune of mineral salts and other medicinal ingredients, has positive effect on the heart and kidneys, and in diets for weight loss represents a true cure.

When there is inflammation of the skin, blackheads and various contaminants, apply the juice of cucumber on the infected place several times a day, and when the juice dries oiled with olive oil.
– The same procedure is used for insect bites, itching and skin rashes.
– Mashed seeds of cucumber wetted in water in a short time, are well-therapeutic agent for the treatment of inflammation and disorders of the bladder of the digestive system, in skin rash, eczema, ulcers and hemorrhoids.
– Juice of cucumber leaf is an ingredient that makes people of vomiting and helps with digestive difficulties in children. The root of cucumber stimulates urination.
-Western folk medicine cucumber used to treat skin diseases, diabetes, rheumatism, anti-parasite, sunscreen, cosmetics, cleaning of skin contaminants for increased excretion of urine and body fluids, diseases of the urinary tract and stomach.
When preparing the cucumber is very important to know the following rules:

– Cucumber is for eating only when it is ripe.
– Mature cucumber has a yellowish cortex.
– Fully green cucumber, without any traces of yellow-white color, not to eat because it creates gravity and cause bloating.
– Never salt cucumbers, because then they become difficult to digest.
– A salad of cucumbers should be eaten immediately.
– When preparing with sour milk with oil and garlic, do not put apple or any other vinegar.
– When preparing the salad of cucumber juice should not be disposed of.
– Cucumber is healthiest when eaten like an apple.
– Pickled cucumber adversely affects the kidneys and heart.
If during the heavy consumption of salty salad of cucumber, if you try to drink any sparkling drink can cause severe cramps in the intestines, and even to paralysis of the intestines, which can happen if you drink water after the cucumber salad.
Curative effect of Cucumber:
– Cleans the blood and skin of acidic ingredient,
– Dissolve uric acid, which is very important for stones in the kidney or bladder stones if they are caused by uric acid
– Positive impact on the reduction of blood sugar,
– Natural cosmetic product for the face and body, are so far the best products for removing numerous contaminants of the skin and relieve skin diseases
Fresh cucumber juice cures:
– Skin disease on the head, face and arms, lichens, freckles, blackheads and acne, and inflammation of the skin, burns and pressure ulcers.
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