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Spring Detox: Top 15 Foods For Cleansing The Body!

Written By Admin on Thursday, March 31, 2016 | 2:27:00 PM

Soon the spring will arrive, so our body needs to be prepared for the warmer days that follow. This is great time for eliminating toxins that accumulate inside our body during the winter. The detox has become a so- called brand, but you have to heed how to properly cleanse your body.

Detoxification or cleansing the body of toxins, helps in restoring energy, eliminates fatigue and sleepiness. The organism is burdened with digestion of unhealthy food so he needs often help to establish a normal balance. The malfunction of the body can cause problems, and to avoid it, it is time to perform detoxification of the body. In addition we find 15 best foods for spring detoxification.

  1. Avocado – The avocado is an excellent cleaner of the body. It is rich in antioxidants and instantly cleanses the body so it discards the toxins from it.
  2. Cranberry – Cranberries are especially recommended for people who have often problems with urinary infections and, in addition also successfully cleans the toxins from the body. Since it has an antibacterial effect, it easily eliminates any accumulated toxins.
  3. Strawberries -- They are the richest fruit in vitamin C which helps not only in detoxification, but also helps in overcoming the spring fatigue. One cup of this fruit contains only 45 calories, so you can freely enjoy to their commodity without fear of obesity. The same quantity of strawberries contains 210 milligrams of potassium which, among other things improves the normal functioning of the nervous system.
  4. Grapefruit – This fruit is very rich in vitamins and helps cleanse the digestive system and prevents stones in kidney. It also has bit of sugar and calories, which makes it an excellent food for those on a diet.
  5. Cabbage – This natural diuretic helps in dumping the excess water from the body. Cabbage consist 92% water and the calories will burn if you only chew this vegetable. This healthy vegetable contains sulfur which is important for discharge of chemicals in the body and also it is rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins C, K, E and A.
  6. Asparagus – This is a real spring vegetable and it is recognizable by its green color and abundance of chlorophyll, known as “cleaner” of lungs and blood. Also, this commodity is rich in folic acid and affects on the growth of normal tissues during pregnancy. It is also rich in vitamin C and potassium which, combined with amino acid and low sodium level makes it one natural diuretic. Thanks to selenium and zinc which can be found in abundant quantities, asparagus is inevitable in the detox diet which you should practice at the end of the winter. The valuable energy of asparagus is small and this vegetable’s rank is high on the list of desired foods which can reduce the excess weight.
  7. Broccoli – This commodity is rich in antioxidants, which cleanse the body. Also, is rich in enzymes that help the digestive system to work better. Practice consumption of fresh broccoli, like that it has most nutrients.
  8. Water – The ordinary water cleanse the kidneys and lungs from head to toe. Drink several glasses of water in the morning, during the day, before each meal and certainly after a workout.
  9. Tea – The tea helps the body to get rid of toxins. Look for special types of tea during the detoxification, and combine them with herbs for cleansing the body. Teas like that do not contain caffeine.
  10. Lemon -- This is one great fruit which you suppose to consume it throughout the year, especially during period of detoxification. It is an excellent choice for juice or salad, because it contains many vitamins and antioxidants. Lemon frees the body from harmful deposits and its daily consumption can significantly improve your health.
  11. Tomato juice – The tomato contains chlorine and sumpor that facilitate the work of the lungs and kidneys and therefore is one of the best foods for detoxification. With tomato juice, the digestion will establish normal operation. Regular consumption of tomato juice will improve the hydration of the body and the fibers that this juice contains will make you feel full and this can be useful while you are dieting. It also provides the body with all the necessary nutrients.
  12. Onions – This super ingredient is recommended if you want to decrease the toxins inside your body. It will reduce your blood cholesterol; it will prevent cardiovascular diseases and will relieve stress. Loaded with sulfur it is excellent as an antibiotic.
  13. Artichokes – The calorific value of it is minimal, it does not contain much fat and it is veritable treasure trove of vitamins, minerals and photochemicals. It can be quite a “friend” for your lungs and it provides vitamin, potassium and other vitamins and minerals in smaller quantities. Namely, it contains insulin, indigestible carbohydrate which has good effect and helps in constipation.
  14. Spinach – Spinach is available throughout the whole year and the spring is the ideal time to enjoy in this vegetable because, the young spinach, oppose to the usual has sweeter taste and is less stringy. The young spinach is a valuable source of vitamin C, potassium and folic acid. The green color is due to the chlorophyll which is extremely important in detoxification because traditionally it is considered as “cleaner” of the lungs and blood. Also, it has vitamin K which affects positively on the bones. 100 grams of it has around 25 calories so, feel free to consume it in large quantities.
  15. Celery – you can eat celery in unlimited quantities, even if you are dieting because 10 grams of celery contains only 14 calories and because of its composition of fibers it is ideal for digestions. The celery soup is recommended for all kind of people who want for a few days to throw out all of the toxins and pesticides from their body, gained from food. The detoxification with celery lasts only a week and the soup from it contains several other groceries such as onion, carrot and nutmeg.


Cook one onion on heater with a little amount of olive oil. Grate the celery, add it in the onion and pour half a liter of water in it. Add one grated carrot; nutmeg and little salt plus pepper. Cook it until the celery softens.