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Recipe For Juice From The Famous Austrian Which Destroys Cancer In 42 days

Written By Admin on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 | 10:03:00 PM

During these 42 days, the cancer cells are starving and die while the health of the whole organism is improving, declares Rudolf Breuss which healed over 45.000 people.

Rudolf Breuss, from Austria devoted his whole life on finding the best natural cure for the cancer. He made special juice that gives excellent results in the treatment against the cancer. By using this method, he cured over 45.000 people from cancer and other serious diseases. According to him, the cancer can survived only with the help of proteins.

Rudolph developed period of time which lasted 42 days. During these 42 days, the sick person should drink only tea and special juice from vegetables in which the main ingredient is the beet. The cancer cells during this period of time, starve, later die and the general health of the organism is improved.

The juice from Rudolph is made exclusively from ecologically grown vegetables. The juice can be made at home from home vegetables and the needed ingredients are: beet 55%, carrots 20%, root from celery 20%, potatoes 3% and radishes 2%. It is important to note that this juice should not be overtaken, it should be taken as long as the body requires it during the therapy. The beet is well known cure for leukemia, it contains the amino acid betaine which has anti- cancer properties. The therapy with beet consist of daily consumption of beet juice or fresh grated beets and has proven positive effect on leukemia and other cancers, this is witnessed by thousand people.

If you consume regularly beet, it will help you against diseases caused by oxidative stress and the fibers which are part of it can reduce the cholesterol levels up to 40%. The beet is known for normalizing the blood pressure and it maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels. With regular consumption of beet you will prevent the treatment of varicose veins. Actually to be more precise, the beet is effective in treating many diseases which are caused by toxins.

The pregnant women should consume beet because it is rich in folic acid which prevents many diseases to the newborn. The juice from beet stimulates the liver, the bile and prevents constipation. In combination with carrot is excellent remedy for gout, kidney disease and gall. But, the healing properties do not stop here, it helps with headache, toothache, sore bones, dysentery, skin and menstrual pain.