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Keep Yourself Away From This Oil: It’s More Dangerous Than Sugar!

Written By Admin on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 | 3:14:00 PM

Almost everyone nowadays thinks that adding this oil in preparation of their meals is healthy. We are sorry to say this, but they are wrong!
Due to the many  health benefits, soy is considered to be the suitable alternative for most foods. But did you know that the soybean oil can really harm you?
All soy products, including the soybean oil, are derived from soybeans. However did you know that the soybean is actually toxic in nature and that in order to become edible, the soybeans require huge treatment?
Therefore if you eat a larger amount of soy, you are risking of producing more steroid hormones, also you risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and early puberty in girls and delayed physical maturation in boys.
However these are not the worst facts that we are going to share with you. Namely there is a big production of GMO soybeans all over the world. This worldwide production makes it impossible for you to completely avoid soybeans.
The biggest absurd is that many believe that the soy milk can be an excellent substitution for the mother’s milk. This is not true at all. Therefore mothers must not give soy milk to their babies.
Finally you should know that the soy industry and soy producers are powerful people and they will never admit what lies behind those products and what you are buying.