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How To Preserve Avocados For a Year by Freezing Them (It’s Quick And Easy To Do!)

Written By Admin on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 | 10:10:00 PM

Avacados has recently gained popularity among health experts and nutritionists due to their health benefits. Avocados are a good source of vitamin B , C and E and also have almost 20 vitamins and minerals inclusive of potassium, useful for controlling blood pressure, lutein, which is good for your eyes, and folate which helps in cell repair and during pregnancy.

Another advantage that Avocados offer is that they are low in sugar, something that every person trying to lose weight will appreciate. Moreover they have fiber which will keep you fuller for long and resit those junk food cravings thereby aiding in weight loss.
Avocados however are not available year round and to have them in your daily diet would mean you need to shell out the extra pennies. Avocados typically are not a long lasting food. It means that it will be good only for a few days that too depending on how ripe they were when bought. However the good news is that you can store avocados and preserve them for almost a year if you only know the correct way to do that.
Avocados are seasonal and can be found in abundance in spring and fall. When you intend to store them for almost a year, make sure that you buy them in bulk quantities, when they are widely available. This will save you a lot of money later on.
Requirements to preserve Avocados in freezer
  • The Avocados need to be smashed/crushed and hence a potato masher or an electric mixer would be required
  • One tablespoon of lemon juice is required for each Avocado, so depending on the avocados you intend to buy; you need proportionate lemons as well to squeeze out the juice.
  • Ziplock pouches and bags
  • Not to mention a refrigerator
The preservation Method
The avocados need to be crushed together to form a smooth paste. This can be done in the electric mixer/blender or can also be done with the manual potato crusher. As long as the smooth paste is done it is fine any method that you may use.
  • First, you need to slice the Avocados into two, throw the pits away, and take off the flesh from the peels.
  • Next you need to mash the Avocados using either an electrical mixer or a hand held potato masher. Add the lemon juice to the mashed avocados and mix well until the mixture turns into a smooth, creamy thing.
  • Now add this mixture spoon by spoon to the into the zip lock bags. Make sure to squeeze out any air before proceeding to lock the bags.
  • These bags go into your freezer and can remain there for almost a year.
Whenever you need to use the Avocados, you just need to thaw them and use within 24 hours. It can be used in smoothies, toast spread and also as a substitute for butter or oil in cooking. Using this preservation method you can have year round supplies of avocados.