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Dhamasa – Powerful Treatment for Cancer

Written By Admin on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 | 9:28:00 AM

Dhamasa – Treatment for CancerPowerful Natural Cancer Cure By Alternative Treatments

DHAMASA / Fagonia Arabica

“Dhamasa” Or “Fagonia” is a plant found in deserted areas. 

“Fagonia”, itself, is a Greek name.

For more detail on types of Fagonia please click here. All types of Fagonia have similar benefits.

Fagonia is a single herbal medicine having miraculous curing effects on general health issues including serious illnesses like cancers, hepatitis, heart disorders, etc., without any serious side-effects.

Some people misunderstand Fagonia as Camel Thorn, but in fact camel thorn is a separate plant.

Its leaves are very thin and grow between two thorns. The thorns are in triplet or quartet. The branches of the plant are very thin so it can’t grow straight but it is laid on the ground, in shape of a small bush. The plant grows 9-12 inches, widely in a circle. Fagonia plant has sweet, bitter, sharp and sour taste according to different stages of growth and parts. This plant is found in Italy, Germany, middle-east countries, Pakistan and India. It has been accepted as treatment of cancers especially the blood and liver cancers and Uterus cancer.

The color of flowers is purple. Plant has large number of small fruits near thorns. These fruits are quite like 00 in shape.

Benefits of Fagonia:

It is the best blood purifier and decomposes blood clots to save from brain hemorrhage and heart problems.

· Prevents and treats Cancers.
· It’s flowers and leaves can treats all types of Thalasemia.
· Can be used for cooling effect.
· Treats all types of Hepatitis.
· Strengthens liver and prevents/cures liver cancer.
· Improves heart and mental ability.
· Helpful in treatment of body pains.
· Cures allergies.
· Heals pimples and other dermatology problems.
· Strengthens stomach.
· It alleviates symptoms like vomiting, thirst and burning sensation, etc.
· It increases the physical strength and weight of the week and under weight people.
· Helpful in controlling weight for bulky persons.
· Cures mouth & gum disorders.
· Normalizes blood pressure disorders.
· Treats asthma & breathing difficulty.
· Helps recovering from smoking side-effects.
· Hot infusion of Fagonia is given to prevent small pox.
· It increases urination and hence overhauls the kidneys and urination system.
· It is applied over neck stiffness.
· Being spermatogenic, improves sperm count in semen and helps normalizing the male and female reproductive systems.
· Perfectly controls Leucorrhoea (لیکوریا) disorders in women.
· Perfectly cures Atthra (اٹھرا), an incurable (in Allopathic) female disease, in which blue or black spots appear in various parts of body skin.
· Atthra: Miscarriage, birth of dead child or immediate death of infant soon after delivery because of green or yellow color diarrhea or loose motions is caused by this horrible disease called ATTHRA. Some babies die before birth in the ovary. Some women only give birth to girl babies or only girls survive but boys expire after birth. Further some women experience stomach and liver disorder because of ATTHRA. 
They get weak and feel irregular heart’s beat and breathe disorder.

Such women cannot bear normal pregnancy. Most pregnancies end with abortion and if not aborted, the infant will die.As an antioxidant, helps reducing stress.
If you are still suffering from harmful diseases, it means you are yet unaware of the benefits of Fagonia (Dhamasa).

How to use?

One teaspoon, after grinding, twice a day immediately after meals for two weeks.

You can also use whole green part of its branches inclusive of thorns, woods, leaves, fruits and flowers combined after grinding them in water. Just a cup or a half of semi-filtered juice, is enough to take after meals twice a day.

You can mash and grind the leaves or green branches of Fagonia like thick paste and then can convert them in shape of tablets in the size of a chickpea. Just swallow two tablets with morning/evening meals.

If it is not available in green form, you can get it in dried form from the stores in the market. Just grind them all and fill the powder in full sized capsules. Take 1-2 two capsules immediately after meals, twice a day.

The women suffering from Atthra disease will continue it in all nine months pregnancy to get healthy child.

For Cancer:

Use two teaspoon , after grinding like powder, twice a day after meals with water Or Arq Gulab/Arq Dhamasa for one month then you may test for the result and continue three months, It has given great positive, curing results when it was used as liquid for just two weeks.

In three months regular use of dhamasa will positive result you may get free from cancer.

Note: Use One teaspoon of Rogan Zaiton (Olivia Oil) with milk after every three days when you are using dhamasa two spoon powder for a long time.

Note: Proper use of herbal medicine have no side effect so carefull never swallow it when your stomach is empty but take it during your food or immediately after finishing your food, otherwise, it may result in some gastric problem but in rare cases.